Frames in Molded Plastic

Architectural Frames in Molded Plastic is a round and square corner system designed for quality interior signage.



  • Molded in one of 7 matte colors: Gray, Almond, White, Brown, Arch Brown, Medium Gray and Black.
  • All frames have a 1/2" outside depth, 1/8" thick walls, and mounting holes for attaching to walls.
  • Each frame is designed to accommodate all sign material from 1/16" to 1/8" thick, or it's own plastic snap in plate.



  • The desk bar is also available in White, Gray, Almond, Brown, Arch Brown, Medium Gray and Black.
  • Desk Bars are designed as a simple architectural nameplate holder or counter sign.
  • They are 1" thick and have an inside dimension of 1 3/4" x 9 1/8" to accommodate our injected molded plate.



  • Molded plates are 1/8" thick with a 1/16" reveal around the perimeter leaving a handsome border.
  • Each plate is designed to snap in and out of respective frames for changeable signs, or can be permanently mounted with two sided tape.
  • Plates are molded in the same seven colors as the frames and then are stamped with a tough durable matte finish suitable for hot stamping, vinyl letters, or silk screening.
  • For 2 ply engraving, 7 core colors and 14 surface colors can be combined for a quality contrasting engraved plate.


Printed Sales Sheets Available: