Decorative Bars and Rails


Four sizes of decorative bars create bold metallic borders for your signs. Formats of top and bottom or left and right sides are available. One can use equal size bars or mix two different sizes. All four sizes can be made in to a complete four-sided frame, and all formats can snap in a matte clear lens.



  • Bars are available in five anodized finishes: Polished Yellow Gold, Polished Rose Gold, Matte Black, Polished Silver, and Satin Silver.
  • All four sizes can be made into a complete four sided frame.
  • All formats accommodate a snap-in matte clear lens.
  • All parts are anodized individually to give finished ends.



The Decorative Rail frame system is a clean, simple frame system that utilizes similar dynamics as our Deco Bar system in a more subtle appearance. Ideal for room identification, personnel nameplates, and evacuation plans, the Decorative Rail system is the solution when looking for a classic architectural look without breaking the budget.



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