Our Environmental Goals


JRS has long been an advocate for environmentally responsible manufacturing even before it was politically correct to be "green". Through our long established manufacturing processes we minimize our impact on the environment by following a stringent philosophy that encourages and expects the recycle and reuse of generated waste materials back into the manufacturing processes of our products. For example, waste from our plastic frame line is reground and used to mold new frames and our aluminum holders and frames are downstream recyclable. Furthermore, to broaden our reach and become even more environmentally responsible, we have developed our Environmentals line of aluminum holders, which uses a special recycled billet that is comprised of at least 75% post consumer and industrial scrap.

At JRS, we also utilize local suppliers for extrusions, supplies and outside processing, such as anodizing, which minimizes the trucking needed to get our raw products to us, thus reducing our carbon footprint impact. Many questions have come in regards to the anodizing process and its impact on the air, land and water. Anodizing, our aluminum coloring process, uses simple water-based chemicals that are easily treated and release no harmful by-products. Liquid by-products from the process are recycled and re-used within the anodizing cycle; while, the solid by-products are isolated and used in the manufacturing of many other products including cosmetics, baking powder, newsprint and water purification systems. All-in-all, anodizing is an environmentally sound process. Wood components used in the manufacture of many of our custom frame systems are Composite Panel Certified and are harvested in accordance with the standards set forth by the Forest Stewardship Council.

As you can see, through the long established manufacturing practices that JRS has employed for our 40 plus years in business, we take to heart our mission statement: "Striving every day to deliver quality competitively priced products in a timely, professional and environmentally responsible manner."