JRS Employee Spotlight
Silvia Baez

With an average tenure of over 15 years for JRS employees, we like to introduce you to an oldie but goodie in our working family - Silvia Baez - who has been working for us for over 28 years!


Silvia is our head Quality Management officer in quality control. She oversees the cleaning, correctness and quality of every frame order that leaves our facility. In addition to this, she maintains and operates our punch machine. She is definitely a truly valued employee for JRS.


Starting in 1988, Silvia came to us on referral from a family member. Many of her family members have come and gone, but Silvia has stayed and grown into the position where she remains today. She has 2 children, Adriana (25 yrs) and Domingo (33 yrs). She enjoys long walks, either in a nice quiet park or along the beach and loves hanging out with family at family gatherings.


When asked to comment about her time here, Silvia says, "In my 28 years with JRS I have met many people. Some stay and some go, but I have had many great experiences with all of them. I am very happy to be working for JRS."


Thank you Silvia for your continued loyalty to JRS. We are lucky to have you!